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Clean Advertising

Whom from us is not attracted by the advertising of a product or service in the streets and squares of the country; but sometimes we are harmed by these advertisements, or, more precisely, by the style of advertising, whether by the writing on the walls or by sticking posters on the doors of shops or walls, which renders our country in its worst form.

In this way, the two siblings Omar and Rania Mahmoud Omar thought of an innovative way of advertising that preserves the environment through small displays that can be placed in all places frequented by people (such as supermarkets, mega malls and others). These screens are the new and clean technological alternative to the primitive ways of advertising which causes environmental pollution. The idea of the project is that these screens act as means of advertising and provide guidance and new information for community awareness in various fields, whether traffic, health, environment, etc.

The two siblings began to work on the project despite their limited resources, but they insisted on continuing and overcoming all the obstacles that stand before them. After the sibling's discovery of the YSEP program, the training they received was aimed at providing services to help young people implement work plans for their projects, and how to achieve sustainability of their project.

As this project is considered a community demand for its importance in preserving the environment, the two brothers applied the administrative skills that they received as part of their training to overcome the obstacles facing them in the project and then work on expanding and spreading the project services throughout the Republic.