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Activating the role of Telecentres Egypt in Community Development

In line with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) strategy in building an integrated knowledge-based society and promoting the role of IT in an effective and sustainable manner for community development, the “Activating the role of Telecentres Egypt in Community Development” project has been launched at MCIT premises in Smart Village on Sunday the 7th of Sep. 2014

The event was held in the presence of his Excellency Eng. Khaled Negm, Minister of Communications and Information Technology and under the auspicious of Microsoft-Egypt. Eng. Huda Dahroug, Regional Director of Egypt ICT Trust Fund, and Managers of different sectors and departments of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and its affiliates. Besides, the Telecentre Egypt project sectors mangers and the executive teams in different governorates.

During the event, the latest vision of the Telecentres Egypt -in its new form- was displayed which seeks to provide expertise in socioeconomic field using ICT depending on its accumulated experience since 2007 in the field  of community development. This will be achieved through availing the ICT tools, raising the community awareness and building the institutional capacities of the Telecentres using the latest training kits, services and programs. 

 In the coming period, Telecentres will implement the new methodology including ICT provision for all members of the society and the delivery of technical and administrative support for institutions sponsoring Telecentres, thus enhancing its capabilities and maintaining sustainability for the benefit of the society. This is in addition to mulling community needs and providing trainings courses, thereby promoting human resources and qualifying them for the job market.

This conference witnessed the signing of two cooperation agreements; the first is between Egypt ICT Trust Fund and the General Authority for Cultural Palaces as well as Egypt libraries. The second, is with Microsoft-Egypt through "Egypt is working" initiative, which aims to help youth to learn and build thier capacities using free scholarships and educational resources.



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