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Farid Menjood & E-Marketing for El Borg Restaurant
The market is filled with many investors in the field of preparing and selling various foods, but Farid Mohammed Manjood remains unique among his peers. Farid owns a restaurant to prepare oriental cuisine and grills, dubbed the "Burj" restaurant.
Clean Advertising
Whom from us is not attracted by the advertising of a product or service in the streets and squares of the country; but sometimes we are harmed by these advertisements, or, more precisely, by the style of advertising, whether by the writing on the walls or by sticking posters on the doors of shops or walls, which renders our country in its worst form.
Call for coexistence
"We are an important player in the society. We represent more than 10% of them. If we are neglected, we will be a reason in the halting of the development cycle; therefore, society should not neglect our role and work to find ways and means to communicate with us."
Qolha for Helping People with Disabilities
هناك في المجتمع فئة ليست بالقليلة تحتاج منا كثير من التعاون والتشجيع والعمل الجاد المستمر حتى تشعر بدورها ومكانتها وتأثيرها داخل المجتمع؛ ألا وهي فئة الصم والبكم، فهم أنفسهم يعتبرون ما من الله عليهم من عدم القدرة على السمع والكلام ليست إعاقة بل هو اختبار من الله على الصبر والتحدي ويعملون على إيجاد سبل التفوق.
Abu Shrouf’s Center for Traditional Handicrafts
This is a story that revolves around a girl called Asmaa Mohamed Youssif who lives in Abu Shrouf village; 30 kilometers away from Siwa. This village is very small and poor. Around 850 people live there.
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The success story of Quran memorization contest
في تأثير واضح لأنشطة مشروع التنمية التكنولوجية المتكاملة بالنوبة وتفعيلاً لدور تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات، وخاصة بمحور دعم التعلم؛ فقد استطاعت إحدى الجمعيات العاملة في منطقة النوبة أن تستخدم نموذج التدريب عن بعد الذي نفذه المشروع هناك وأن تعيد تهيئته من أجل تنفيذ أحد الأنشطة الاجتماعية والتثقيفية الخاصة بالجمعية.
Telemedicine helps in Ghada’s Condition Detection read_more
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Sustainability and Continuity in the Integrated Technological Development Project in Nubia
In order to achieve the principle of sustainability and continuity of the integrated technological development project in Nubia, as well as to seek the required integration between civil society organizations working in the project, the aim was to find ways of sustaining the integrated technological development project in Nubia